Our artisan baked sourdough bread is made with our home-grown sourdough starter, slowly created by wild yeast naturally occurring in the air and flour.

Because we refresh our sourdough starter daily, our bread does not taste sour, but it is very characterful due to the long maturation of the dough (up to 36 hours).

Bread baked from organic rye, spelt, kamut and wheat flour, Italian semolina, slowly ground on millstones, which preserves flavors and nutrients, which greatly benefits the taste and quality of the bread. Please have a look at this very informative and revealing article about long fermenting sourdough (Could sourdough bread be the answer to the gluten sensitivity epidemic? (The Guardian)

Due to the traditional process of frequent folding of the dough, a traditional method that has largely been lost due to the “time is money” philosophy, the sugars that occur naturally in the flour come to the surface / crust of our bread and is “caramelizing” the crust during baking, resulting in a thin, crispy, highly aromatic crust.

Each bread is made, shaped and baked in our own oven with our own hands. In the morning our dough is prepared and left to rise overnight, then baked in our brick oven. Healthy and Pure bread.

People who may suffer from bread maybe because of gluten intollerance, can tolerate our bread quit well, because our bread does not contain any chemical additives, such as e.g. yeast or flavor enhancers. Our bread rises for a very long time and we only use our natural sourdough to make our bread rise. It is known from this long proofing process that the structure of the dough changes through the long fermentation so that the bread is ultimately more digestible and more nutrients can be absorbed by the body. (For more details please check the articles about sourdough)

PAIN de CAMPAGNE (French traditional bread)

Pain de Campagne (traditional French country bread)

Our Pain de Campagne is made according to an old French recipe and is a bread with a delicious aroma, crispy crust. Organic wheat flour and a bit of rye flour and a high hydration ensure that this bread is delicious and can be stored for 5 to 7 days!

BLONDE (semola / wheat flour)

This is our white bread, 50% semola / 50% wheat flour. It is not really completely white, because the flour is not completely sieved out and our sourdough starter that we use contains a lot of whole wheat flour. In addition, it is organic wheat, ground on millstones. Our Semola comes from Calabria, southern Italy. In the past, Semola bread was baked in Sicily (pane Rimacinato), because it was cheaper than wheat flour. This is the lightest bread we bake, but very characteristic and one of our favorites ……….

Semola/ Wheat flower

RYE bread

We bake 2 types of rye bread: 100% wholemeal rye bread and a rye / wheat bread with a composition of 50% organic wholemeal rye flour and 50% organic wholemeal wheat flour


100% whole wheat rye flour, sourdough starter, water, sea salt …. that’s all!


50% whole wheat rye flour / 50% whole wheat wheat flour

Our Ray / Wheat bread


Our 100% spelt bread, from whole wheat spelled, ground on millstones by the Commandeursmolen, our sourdough starter, water sea salt.

Our whole grain spelt bread


Our olive / rosemary bread is made like our other breads, but with the addition of organic olives and rosemary. Wheat flour, sourdough starter, water, salt, olives, rosemary …

Our Olives / Rosemary bread


Our kamut bread is made from 50% whole wheat kamut (also called Khorasan flour) and 50% wheat flour, organic of course and ground by the Commandeursmolen. KAMUT is originally possibly many centuries old and probably origin from the province of Khorasan in historical Persia. In 1949, an American pilot took some seeds from Egypt to the United States, where his father cultivated them. After that it was grown on a small scale but there was not much interest in it. After khorasan wheat was shown at a trade fair for natural products in 1986, interest in it rose. In 1990 Kamut® was registered as a trademark. In addition to North America, it is now also sold in Europe and China. More information can be found on the Wikipedia website https://en.wikiphttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khorasan_wheat#History

Our Kamut bread
  • pastry

We bake a delicious lemon, grated coconut, poppy seeds cake. As well as traditional Dutch “gevulde koek”, a cooky made with almond paste, and our exclusive Odessa “Zebra” cake, made with chocolate and some secret ingredients…..

Lemon, grated coconut, poppy seeds cake
gevulde koeken (almond paste stuffed cooky)
Odessa zebra cake